Referrals and introductions

We know that you know it’s about who you know. Networking is arguably our most valuable service and at the core of what BelCham represents. A quick glance at our logo should tell you how much we are focusing on connections.

A big part of our job is referring you to the right people, making introductions that have synergetic potential, and organizing events to facilitate new relations. When you (and your network) join BelCham, hundreds of new connections become possible. You become Belcham. Belcham grows. You grow. It’s called “sharing is multiplying” and it’s the true power of our community.

So let us know what you would like to share, and who you would like to meet. Then put on some fancy shades and watch the sparks fly!

BelCham can guide you through the immigration maze.

DS-2019, DS-160, J-1, E-2, A-5, H-1B, … sounds easy enough, right? Maybe not quite. Whether you’re arriving or hiring, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Immigration can be tricky with lots of rules, regulations and complicated visa procedures. And they vary greatly depending on your situation as a tourist, student, intern or trainee, job seeker or entrepreneur. No matter how sharp you are, taking a stab at it just won’t cut it. Believe us when we say you’ll want experience by your side. And we know just the people to do it. They will make sure you get it right from the start!

You would like to start a business, but what kind? Should it be a C-Corp, S-Corp, Inc. or LLC? In Delaware or elsewhere? Subsidiary or separate entity? Those questions need ample thought, and informed decisions that our network can provide. We’ll happily put you in touch with the right experts for your business.

Is my intellectual property protected? What obligations do I have as an employer? What can I ask in a job interview? Do I need a license for my planned activity? Are my Terms&Conditions in accordance with the law? Those and many more questions find an answer with our network of legal counselors.

The ABC of the IRS is not as simple as 1,2,3. And a whole other animal than what you are used to. We’ll hook you up with the right CPA who will make sure every tax issue is accounted for.