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25 entrepreneurs, 3 days, 1 mission: looking for disruption and innovation in the Bay - with De Hanze goes West


'Anyone stating that they haven’t failed yet in Silicon Valley is lying. The Bay Area is peppered with failures more than anywhere else in the world' - Jon Baer, Managing Partner at Threshold Ventures.


Day 1:

This first encounter made clear how the Bay Area is a region of opportunity, failure and resilience at the same time. Our deep dive into the ecosystem provided insights on exponential growth and innovation with Roel Peeters, an introduction to the Bay by Laurence Van den Keybus and refreshing insights on the good, the bad and the ugly by Jon Baer.

Other highlights:
* We visited DocuSign, the unicorn revolutionizing agreements with the introduction of e-signatures.
* We enjoyed entrepreneurial testimonials by Willem Delbare (co-founder of FutureproofedCities), Valeri Potchekailov (co-founder of Story Chief) and Ajay Bam (co-founder of Vyrill).

And finally, the amazing Andra Keay (Managing Director of SV Robotics) blew us away with the opportunities of robotics in everyday applications.

Day 2: moving at the speed of light

At Illumina Ventures, we gained a unique perspective on the ins and outs of a VC firm from Director Wouter Meuleman.

Other highlights:
* Stanford University proved to be a catalyst in the development of Silicon Valley as the alma mater of the founders of HP and Google, as Elise Goossens explained.
* Marc Vanlerberghe reflected on almost a decade of working at Google where he co-developed the Android. Innovation & thinking big were his leading principles, together with the idea that a concept needs to be scaleable at all times. We saw these concepts come true when visiting Googleplex.
* Engineer Jan De Cock made clear how the unicorn Netflix has been organically growing with a focus on transparency and company culture.
* We visited the renowned accelerator Plug & Play where we spotted NGDATA among their investments alongside Google and PayPal.
* Jonathan Reichental, CIO of Palo Alto, shared his approach in turning Palo Alto in one of the leading smart cities in the world.

Day 3: experimentation & disruption

During a guided tour on campus of UC Berkeley, Prof. Dr. Jeroen Dewulf illustrated the role of the institution in stimulating disruptive thought, going from being the start base of the student protests to no less than eight Nobel prize winners innovating their sectors.

Other highlights:
* At the Autodesk Gallery, the possibilities of 3D-design seemed endless and far beyond the limits of human imagination.
* We celebrated the new Uber logo and mission with Kay Snels.
* 'Yes, but' was consistently replaced by a 'yes, and' perspective during an improv session with Lisa Rowland, as such creating an environment of psychological safety and shared control.
* The AR/VR escape the room experience at Reason questioned everyday perspectives and encouraged original and innovative thought.

We can't wait to see the impact on the participating companies!
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