The algorithms of this Leuven start-up must ensure that self-driving cars never crash again

Founded by three former researchers at KU Leuven, IVEX has specialized in safety software for self-driving cars since November 2017. The ambitions are no less: to reduce the number of road casualties to zero by 2030. The Leuven start-up raised 1.2 million euros of fresh capital earlier this year and has a firm footing at the innovation hubs for autonomous vehicles in Silicon Valley. Doing business in the fast lane , but certainly not on autopilot.

Check, double check: the IVEX software looks over your shoulder at the autonomous decisions of your self-driving car system. An ultimate safety scan that allows rapid intervention. The Leuven-based start-up, which had international ambitions from the outset, has two commercializable AI products for self-driving cars that it wants to bring to market more quickly. Barely three years after the start, CEO Mario Torres and COO Quentin de Clercq and the two other founders can already count the French car manufacturer Renault as one of their customers.

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