Proud of the response to COVID-19 by our Belgian companies

  • AB Inbev: Manufacturing over 1 million bottles of hand sanitizers.
  • Neuhaus: Brightened up the lives of more than 10,000 health workers with a chocolate delivery.
  • Van de Velde: Stitching mouth masks for local Belgian hospitals
  • Iristick:¬† Helping out with their smart glasses and remote assistance for doctors in covid-19 quarantine areas and hands free remote assistance in factories in Northern Italy.
  • Twikit: Developing product concepts for mouth masks and safety equipment.
  • Imec istart companies: Multiple¬†initiatives to tackle COVID-19 and flatten the curve.
  • Odoo: Italian fire brigade association automates its fight against covid-19 thanks to a 48h Odoo implementation/
  • Easyfairs:¬†In Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, Easyfairs is making its venues available to the local authorities.

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