Murat Aktihanoglu to join BelCham Board

BelCham is honored, proud and excited to welcome Murat Aktihanoglu to its Board of Directors. BelCham’s board members are selected for demonstrating a high level of commitment to entrepreneurship, international business and community – as well as a passion for our mission.

Murat is a Co-founder and Managing Partner at ERA (, an early-stage venture capital fund and technology accelerator in New York City that has invested in and accelerated 194 startups since 2011.

He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and he has started multiple technology startups in NYC after having worked in Silicon Valley as a technologist.

He started Entrepreneurs Roundtable, a non-profit, in 2007 in New York City to help the startup ecosystem grow and connect the entrepreneurial community with each other and investors through free monthly events that has been going on every month since 2007.

He is also the author of the book “Location-Aware Applications” published by Manning Publications and a frequent speaker globally on technology, venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Visit the About Us page for an overview of our entire Board here.

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