BelCham Member and Belgian Scale-Up PreviewLabs Opens Office in the United States

At PreviewLabs, clients order a trial version of a digital concept in order to get a clear idea of the success rates of their concept. The development of games, apps, and software can be extremely costly. Therefore, developers make use of the PreviewLabs technology, which will allow them to limit the risk of their investment by testing the chances of success. While PreviewLabs uses technologies and techniques from game development, they also apply these technologies to other fields such as education software, medical application, and virtual reality.

In June 2016, Bernard François, founder and CEO of PreviewLabs, opened a second office in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S. While the operations of the programming are still being performed in Belgium, 55% of PreviewLabs’ revenue is generated in the U.S. Since the U.S. market is much larger and has more competition, it allows the company to serve a wider and more diverse range of clients.

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