Arnaud Luyckx Shares his Key Takeaways From His Internship in the US

In light of the International Education Week, we’d love to share the following thoughts with you from Arnaud Luyckx, intern at BelCham during the last summer.

(Wake up), take the sub, get my cream cheese tomato bagel on 46th and 6th, be happy, enter 1177 Avenue of the Americas, thank Walter for calling the elevator and get ready for another day with the BelCham team! This is what my 2018 summer morning commute looked like.

Last summer, I learned what an internship is all about during my time at BelCham, the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce. Sure, an internship is about gaining professional experience, but -more importantly- it is about the people you work with and meet, and about pushing your boundaries.

I learned to communicate in a small team and how a not-for-profit organization operates. I learned about the American business culture and its differences with the European one. I learned how to function in a system based on merit and experienced how it feels to do what you really love.

During this internship, I found myself working on diverse projects in the heart of the Big Apple. My internship tasks ranged from sponsorship requests, over pricing negotiations and team discussions to the organization of events with renowned individuals.

Thanks to BelCham and its community, I have been able to build relationships with people I could not even imagine to encounter otherwise. While New York gets the credits for being the most amazing host, BelCham is the one with the magic-matching skills. Connecting you with the right people is second nature to them.

I could not have wished for a better adventure to start my professional career.

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