A perspective on company culture by Heidi Rakels, Stijn Christiaens & Jurgen Ingels

How do you deal with risks and account for cultural differences, as well as rapid growth? 3 Belgian co-founders, GuardSquare, Collibra and Clear2Pay, discuss the need for a strong company culture at startups and scale-ups. Including collective values for the entire business.

‘Culture is about the example you set as a founder and about who you hire’, according to Stijn Christiaens, co-founder of Collibra. It’s crucial to have this in place from the start emphasises Jurgen Ingels, serial investor and co-founder of Clear2Pay. ‘As a board member I always ask the organisation from the start to make sure they have a cultural policy on paper, even though it might only be 2 pages.’

‘You can have those values in your head, but it’s often harder to translate these to the organisation’, says Heidi Rakels of GuardSquare. ‘You can try to implement it yourself, but if you’re not good at it it’s better to outsource it to a people manager.’

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