Become a Member of BelCham

BelCham is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that exists for its members, by its members.

In order to join our community, please decide which of the following listed membership types is appropriate for you.

Young Individual Membership: USD 50.00/Year (Under 30 Years of Age)
Individual Membership: USD 200.00/Year
Business Membership: USD 800.00/Year
Patron Membership: USD 2,500.00/Year
Captain Membership: USD 10,000.00/Year

If you prefer just to join a mailing list at this time and not join as a paid member, you can select “Guest Membership.”

*BELGIAN RESIDENTS: Due to a temporary website bug, when you input your address you should list the country as Belgium as normal, but put as the state “New York”.

For any inquiries about membership, please contact:
Daniel Atz, Member Manager
Tel: 00 1 646 564 6643