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Our community is 10,000+ strong. Together, we form a collaborative, diverse and vibrant ecosystem of pioneers creating new opportunities across borders.

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Do you have international dreams and ambitious expansion goals for your company?

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Are you working for an international company and looking to uncover opportunities for growth?

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Join to further guide your international journey, expand your network and knowledge, or pay it forward. 


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With over 500 active members, there’s no other transatlantic network as supportive, experienced and helpful as ours.

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We’ve structured membership to help you tap into the opportunities and solve the problems you are facing today. Our fully integrated blended membership approach helps you BEGIN, BELONG, BECOME.

Start growing today with our Freemium membership model and learn about our premium or bespoke offering as you look to create more impact.


Get to know (the) US

  • Freemium access to the BelCham Digital Platform:
    • Engage with the community
    • Access the partner directory
    • Explore educational content
  • Take part in our free (and paid) events:
    • The Ripple, the largest online transatlantic networking event
    • Monthly community networking
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  • Pay full price for sponsorships and features


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  • Premium access to the BelCham Digital Platform:
    • Contribute to the community, forums & groups
    • Access the individual member directory
    • Access our on-demand content library
  • Enjoy lifestyle perks and benefits
  • Save time and money with our individual concierge services
  • Participate in all of our online/offline events at member pricing
  • Receive five complimentary day passes to the BelCham co-working space in NY


Grow with (the) US

  • Premium access to the BelCham Digital Platform:
    • Get featured in and access the business directory
    • Receive and offer professional perks and benefits
    • Contribute to the digital content library
  • Benefit from professional/priority concierge services, including intros & referrals
  • Enjoy competitive member pricing for workshops, and participate in dealteams and US Readiness program
  • Engage and grow with sponsor / speaker opportunities.
  • Gain (brand) visibility on BelCham’s social channels & website
  • Receive complimentary day passes to the BelCham co-working space in NYC


Experience (the) US

  • Tailored and on-demand products irrespective of membership involvement
  • Discounts for members available
  • On-demand custom programs across the US and virtual programming, including but not limited to startup and innovation programs, market discovery activities and career services


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Starting at $400/year – $2,500/year
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Custom & bespoke packages available

BelCham goes online!

There was a time when we would “go” online. Today, we “live” online so we’ve evolved our offering to meet our members whenever and wherever they’re at.

With a BelCham membership you will now be able to enjoy supercharged digital community support with access to high-quality resources, online experiences, and a curated network.

We’re designing our digital hub to make your journey easier, more supportive and more enjoyable. Here, you’ll find a like-minded community and vital resources to help you achieve your international growth goals -personal and professional.

Our BETA version will go live on December 1st. Apply to receive an invite to test and learn with us. 

Official launch is planned for mid-January. Stay tuned!

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