BelCham Group Missions

Are you on a quest to find exciting business innovations, entrepreneurial inspiration and/or personally enriching opportunities in the US? We want you to get the most out of vibrant business, entrepreneurial and social scenes in New York, San Francisco and beyond. Ready to explore? BelCham can provide the expertise, local knowledge, and connections to make the vision of your group discovery mission to the USA a reality.

Each group mission is a unique, tailor-made experience, based on participant organization’s specific needs. From inspiring conversations with local trailblazers to influential story telling from fortune 500 power houses, BelCham can design itineraries around innovation, education, and inspiration missions that will leave a lasting impact. Our aim? Making your professional, academic or personal endeavors memorable and actionable.

GET INSPIRED! Connect with the brightest minds and explore unique settings. No matter what time frame you may have, BelCham can organize the perfect mission event at original and surprising venues. Meet the faces behind the success stories of start-ups that made it big in the US. Join us on a journey that will provide insights and fuel motivation for innovative thinking.

Headshot of Veerle Papaert, co-founder of ThinkTalent, an international talent development network - part of our missions

“The BelCham team is always willing to go the extra mile to make things really special. They make you feel welcome and help you discover the city as if it was your own village. Because NYC offers endless possibilities, do think about what you want to do, achieve, experience on your mission, so the team can help you best.”

– Veerle Pappaert and Elke Jeurissen

For aspiring entrepreneurs, growing companies, and established enterprises looking to solve a business challenge, uncovering new ideas and creating meaningful connections to drive business growth are essential. By introducing individuals with like-minded ideals and visions, the innovation mission can open up doors for everyone involved to intensive, perspective-shifting experiences.

Sample events range from company visits to pitching sessions. We can provide you with the tools and insights you need in order to adapt, implement, and get inspired.

For students interested in personal and professional development opportunities that can take their future professional paths to the next level, education missions are a natural fit. Students take part in an intense boot camp in which they learn about the practical applications of theoretical learning. Personal storytelling, pitching, company visits, and creative thinking are all part of this mission to nourish, grow and develop the students’ personal and professional skills.