LRM Launches Digital Tool to Support Start-ups in Their Growth Process

LRM and the Limburg incubator network have called on the expertise of imec, the Leuven research institute, of which imec.istart will again be one of the top five accelerators worldwide linked to a university, according to UBI Global at the end of 2019. With the help of Innovatrix, a tool developed by imec, they want to offer start-ups even more support in their growth process. Start-ups that are guided in this way can also count on support from substantive partners SD Worx, KBC, Start it @KBC, Van Havermaet and Gevers to accelerate their growth process. The development of the tool was made possible with the support of POM Limburg.

Companies that settle in an incubator expect support and coaching. Innovatrix must further professionalise the existing range of coaching and advice. On the basis of the digital tool, growth companies are monitored, objectives are set and processes are evaluated. The test phase is over and the rollout has started. Imec, the developer of Innovatrix, continuously evaluates and makes adjustments where necessary.

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