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Project Manager (BE)


Trilations provides business insights and works with you every day to define and implement winning strategies. We are able to do so because we understand your customers and markets, we have the ability to translate findings into actions, and we are dedicated to mobilizing your people behind the strategy.

• Market Strategies: What is the use of running if you are not on the right road Trilations develops future-oriented market or customer strategies to realize growth, increase competitiveness or to maximize efficiencies. Together with your multi-disciplinary team, and based on solid business insights, we co-create the winning strategy of tomorrow.

• Organisational Transformation: Management works in the system. Leadership works on the system. Shaping your organization to address a changing business context and mobilizing it towards a renewed ambition is a second set of services that Trilations offers you. We ensure that the underlying structures and mind-sets are in place to realize the strategy.

• Process & Performance Management: We think that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. Adapting your organization to a continuously evolving world to sustain your success is a third set of services Trilations offers. In close cooperation with your teams on all levels, we improve the efficiency of your operations and install indicators to measure its effectiveness.


Full-time Employee



- As a Project Manager, you will work on several projects for our customers (mostly at their premises);
- Your main objective is to deliver the projects on time and within scope and budget;
- Therefore, you develop a plan, manage progress, and support the team;
- In addition to your primary role as Project Manager, and based on your broad experience, you are able to advise our customers in their decision-making and in implementing those decisions;
- Your ability to perform within project management missions and to execute consulting work is of great importance. You have strong communication and inter-personal skills, you can convince, and you earn trust and respect from the customer and your team.


- You have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a Project Manager in large projects;
- Experience implementing SAP (or another major software package) is an advantage, and this is even stronger when you also have broad ICT knowledge;
- Your excellent communication & presentation skills, your negotiation talent, and your will to succeed are important assets;
- Developing a project plan and managing/guiding your team in a structured way are second-nature to you;
- You can identify the right priorities for the project and the customer;
- You are tri-lingual (NL, FR, UK), you are a team player, and you have a Master in management, economics and/or engineering, or you have the right skills from previous experience.


- An exciting and varied job in a dynamic consultancy firm;
- The opportunity to take on challenging projects within our sectors;
- An attractive salary with fringe benefits, 32 holidays and a company car;
- A personal growth process according to your abilities and ambitions.



Project Management


Kontich, Antwerp, Belgium