Product Manager – Pro Alliance – Belgium

Platform Product Manager (Antwerp, Belgium)

Pro Alliance

Founded in 2015 by three semi-young guys with big dreams, Pro Alliance quickly joined the major leagues of retail supply chain.

How? By building a social network platform that offers companies one place where they can visualise and share all their data in real-time, helping them resolve any supply chain inefficiencies. If this sounds like Chinese to you (no offense to China) 1. do not panic and 2. allow us to break it down a bit more.

It’s all about drastically reducing the amount of time companies spend on data visualisation and making it easier and more visible for everyone. It works cloud-based, which means that we want to connect different parties in the supply chain by offering them the opportunity to come together in an online community. The next step is to provide them with as much support as possible to get the most out of this community.

As of today, Pro Alliance has grown from that three-person startup into a diverse team of more than 10 big dreamers. But we want more. We want YOU!


Full-time Employee


WHAT can WE offer you:

- A dynamic, young and awesome work environment à la startup mentality;
- A unique culture where we are all part of one mission and each person’s input matters;
- A competitive salary and all the perks a good employee needs and deserves: luncheon cheques, work phone, comprehensive health insurance, covered travel expenses, etc;
- And last but not least, an office in “het eilandje”, the Antwerp hot-spot where all the start-up cool cats come out and play - after working their butts off, of course.

And finally: The Pro Alliance philosophy - and official mascot - is the unicorn. If you have to ask why… just don’t ask why. It’s the first rule of the Unicorn Club. And the second.

Great Expectations:

Our mission is to deliver a qualitative product. Keeping track of all the development and organization that goes along with it is key to our business. You’ll be both the guide and liaison between the management of Pro Alliance and the development team. You’ll be the one who can explain everything and communicate with everyone. You’ll act as the most trustworthy friend and companion of the team. For the Godfather lovers out there*: you’ll basically be our consigliere.


- Defining new features, write specs, user stories and functional analyses;
- Updating wireframes, prototypes, test plans,and release checklists;
- Communicating your findings with the team efficiently and in laymen terms that everyone will understand;
- Being able to review/implement feedback & fixing issues;
- Product planning, delivery, launch and marketing throughout the product lifecycle, managed by JIRA;
- Developing and maintaining a vision and roadmap for the product based on input from internal stakeholders, customers and the market
- Estimate, implement, and build features while ensuring that you’re working on the highest priority things first, i.e. being able to prioritize efficiently;
- Building relationships with the development team that is working on the Pro alliance platform and ensure that they can thrive, innovate, and reach who they need to reach;
- Working closely with Customer Succes/Sales and other teams to deliver a product that aligns with this vision and meets market needs
- Identifying the key benefits and value proposition of their product to help the sales and marketing teams
- Collaborating with business development during intake and co-creation processes with customers and/or other stakeholders, and help build the best apps for our customers;
- Representing your team in communication with product, engineering, and marketing leadership. You’re a natural leader, king of the Product Management jungle!
- Ensuring we release a qualitative product and new features at a consistent pace;
- Developing a forecast for the product (Business Case) and managing its delivery
- And lastly: not freaking out over the tsunami of tasks heading your way - we are a team-spirit kind of company and are always ready to help each other knock one out of the park for the team.

WHY we want YOU:

- You have the right technical knowledge, analytical brain and the gift of translating said knowledge for all us less technical and analytical folk out there;
- You have experience to manage SAAS products;
- You are able to work together with the development team and drive them towards the Pro Alliance vision, all while keeping an eye on a consistent execution;
- You are eager to work in the start-up environment and are flexible with changes and fast growth;
- You are able to work independently and great at communicating in a team-based environment.
- You are innovative, have a customer focus & are able to take decisions;
- You are able to make business & functional analysis
- You are a usability expert
- You take your responsibilities very seriously… but live by the motto ‘All work and no play makes Jack /Jane a dull boy/girl’;
- You are fluent in Dutch & English. German and French would be a plus, but we understand: you can’t be an all-round genius...or can you?
- You are very communicative, stress resistant and flexible. A chameleon that can adjust to every situation - or any other animal, we don’t discriminate;
- You are strangely attracted to the thought of working in a team that is as quirky as it is dedicated.



Business Development
Product Management


Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium