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The Reference

As one of Europe’s Internet pioneers, The Reference has proven a long-standing experience in the field of digital marketing. Our clients are Top-100 companies with which we aim to build up a long-term relationship at national and international level. Quality is the key factor in gaining and maintaining their confidence. We therefore strive for the very highest level of quality at all times, for our clients as much as for our employees.


Full-time Employee



The money invested in digital marketing around the world has exploded over the past few years. This has allowed people working in the field to specialize. On the other hand, marketing technologies have become increasingly complex and integrated. In the light of this evolution we are looking for a marketing technologist to join our team of highly motivated consultants.

- You are responsible for the technical implementation of web analytics, integration of online marketing tools, and aggregation, processing and analysis of marketing data. We work with a wide range of clients ranging from small- and medium size to multinationals. Given this context, you get to work with a spectrum of marketing tools and function as a SPOC for everything technology
- You are not alone in this role, you will be part of a team with proven experience and knowledge in various sectors and tools


- Seniority: none required, recruitment decisions will be based on skills and proven experience
- Specializing in marTech is not something you do in school; any proven interest and/or experience in the field is the minimum requirement
- Being certified in specific marketing tools is a plus
- Have you taken one or more MOOCs, don't forget that put that on your resumé
- A bachelor and/or master in marketing, computer science, engineering or proven experience

Hard Skills
- You know the ins and outs of several tools of the Google Marketing Platform such as Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads (fka Adwords and DoubleClick), Optimize, Attribution and Data Studio
- You know or are willing to learn one or more vendor-specific SQL implementations (Postgres, MySQL, MSsql, BigQuery, Snowflake, ...)
- You know or are willing to learn JavaScript;
- You are spreadsheet maestro
- At least you know what a REST API is
- You know how to write and communicate a web analytics tagging guide
- Bonus points if you know other coding languages such as R or Python
- Bonus points if you are familiar with the Adobe Marketing Cloud
- Bonus points if you have affinity with other tools such as recommendation engines, CDPs, DMPs, popup generators, product feed managers, etc.
- Bonus points if you have some affinity with marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Selligent
- You speak English on a professional level, you have a very good knowledge of eather Dutch or French
Soft skills & properties
- You like automating your and your colleagues' job
- You think about marketing from a technical perspective. This means you know the answer to which tools are necessary for targetting and tracking purposes.
- You think commercially about your efforts; is a configuration or implementation worth the money?
- While you are a martech specialist, you feel comfortable elaborating on other topics in digital marketing.
- You are comfortable communicating with clients, in tandem with a project manager


- You represent one of Belgium's most successful digital agencies, part of the Emakina Group but with its own DNA
- A competitive wage, depending on proven experience, seniority and certification and an extensive package of fringe benefits
- The opportunity to deepen or widen your skills, in line with company needs: the time to study and get certified
- Variegated responsibilities and work environments: work from home, at a client or at the office, depending on what you are working on
- Working at an agency which is known for fostering seniority and respect for your work-life balance
- A reserved spot in a renovated office in Belgium's tech city: Ghent





Ghent, East-Flanders, Belgium