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About Journey Meditation

Journey is building a supportive, inclusive community that facilitates growth and connection. We teach group meditation classes in local communities, organizations around the world, and through the Journey app. We’re currently in 13 cities and generating over $1M in revenue. We just raised our Seed Round from great investors, so it is an exciting time for us to scale our team, our clients, and, most importantly, our impact.

Our company culture is immensely important to us and we look for people who will support and build it. We are an emotionally safe environment where we show up authentically and bring our whole self to work. We feel safe to take risks, be vulnerable in front of each other, and make mistakes. We believe in continuous personal and professional growth and we will do our part to help you on that journey. Feedback is not helpful, but required. Only through open, compassionate feedback can we grow. We trust our team fully and our business information is shared openly with all team members. We are optimistic and see the glass as 3/4 full. We believe that the power of our mission and effort will allow us to flourish. We focus on strengths more than weaknesses and opportunities more than problems.


Full-time Employee



Journey is on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier lives. We believe in the power of human connection, and that meditation is more impactful when done with others. We’re building the world’s largest meditation community, both online and off, and our next step is creating the world’s first group meditation app – think Peloton for Meditation.

We’re seeking someone to build and coach our growing sales team as we look to rapidly scale our B2B business. As Head of Sales, you’ll build a repeatable sales process, drive lead-development in partnership with our marketing team, and hire and train a world-class team of sales professionals. You’ll also lead the team in closing new clients through an ability to connect on a human level for cautious first-time buyers.

If you’ve got sales expertise, a knack for sales strategy, building scalable processes, hiring and coaching teams, and want to do so in the name of something you truly believe in, then this is the opportunity for you!

In this job, you will:

- Own and lead Journey’s sales efforts by creating and implementing a sales strategy to generate leads, expand to new markets and cities, and increase close rates and renewal rates
- Create a predictable sales process leading to shorter sales cycles, better qualification processes, and more customer growth
- Lead hiring and coaching of sales team members to ensure that the team has the capacity to hit big goals
- Close deals yourself (this is a “player - coach” role) through your ability to sell to first-time buyers who are purchasing a new kind of product
- Coordinate with outsourced teams to generate leads and access success


What makes you a great fit for this role:

- You’ve successfully built a sales process from the ground up that includes distinct stages and decision points - as well as clear roles for leadership team members and the sales team
- You have a distinct philosophy and approach to both hiring and coaching a sales team
- You have a well-honed ability to make first-time corporate buyers feel confident in purchasing something new
- You enjoy mindfulness, meditation and love engaging others in discussions about the benefits of a more holistic approach to life and work
- You're excited to lead a growing sales team - and advance yourself in a fast-growing company focused equally on sales and product development


- Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance. Journey contributes to a portion of the medical insurance premium, provided through Aetna.
- Work from Home. To provide flexibility, all team members can work from home one day per week.
- Vacation Days. Team members receive 3 weeks of paid time off and unlimited unpaid personal days off.
- Wisdom Money. Team members receive $1,000 per year to spend on personal development activities, such as meditation classes and retreats, as they see fit.
- Complimentary Journey Classes & Courses. Team members can participate in unlimited number of Journey classes and courses.





New York, New York, United States