General Manager Alley

General Manager (NY)


Alley (formerly AlleyNYC) is an entrepreneurial hub where teams and individuals can grow their businesses surrounded by like-minded people and work collaboratively in a supportive environment. Alley is a community with a workspace offering private office space, coworking desks, virtual memberships, meeting and conference room space, events, and services for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Their goal is to foster a nurturing environment, so individuals can produce their best work. Whether you're a journalist, an app developer, a lawyer, or an up-and-coming fashion designer, Alley's incredible team and one-of-a-kind workspace community give you what you need to take your business far. With everything from dedicated happy hours to strategic introductions to networking events, Alley knows how to help you take your success to the next level!


Full-time Employee


We are looking for full-time Manager at the "community above everything" coworking company Alley! Half of this role is building and supporting our community of cutting-edge companies and members (each of whom are doing amazing things in business on their own!) with an exceptional eye to service and hospitality. The other half of this role will focus on supporting and inspiring the on-site team of sales, events, and community associates while coordinating with the Alley mothership and corporate partner.

Finally, another half of this role will position you to forge partnerships that continue to position Alley as the leading community for people who prize innovation, creativity, community, and hustle. And yes, we know all that adds up to 150%. We know you got it.

Traits you should exude:

- Enthusiasm
- Warmth
- Graciousness
- Calm under extraordinary and conflicting currents and winds
- Objectivity
- Empathy in a variety of circumstances
- Savant-level attention to detail
- Diplomacy


- You will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations for our Fidi and Chelsea locations. You will manage the relationships with on-site staff, members, and other important stakeholders.
- You will be responsible for the service and support of our membership community and will strive to always exceed their needs.
- You will work with the location's Director of Programming and Events to build a robust schedule of vibrant, engaging, and inspiring programming.
- You will coordinate, execute, and manage strategies to attract, retain, and support current and potential membership, and to position our community as a key competitive advantage!
- You will track and report on budgeting and resources, and will work directly with Alley Operations and our Partnership Director to meet location goals and objectives.
- Alley will be your ship, and you'll steer her into new waters to explore and establish amazing new relationships and possibilities!



- Experience managing a small team towards quantifiable goals (office management, hospitality, design teams, etc)
- Ability to provide a customer service experience that outshines every competitor
- Budgeting and P&L experience
- Exceptional and agile written and communications styles, able to shift between 140 characters, blog-able start-up speak, and corporate communications
- Ability to create critical-path operational plans with minimal input
- Demonstrable experience managing multiple projects/deliverables for multiple stakeholders
- Fluency in expense reporting, basic financial analysis
- Ability to work evenings (events) and weekends (even cooler events!) as needed


- Experience as a general manager in a hotel or restaurant setting (2 years)
- Black-belt in spreadsheets
- Excellent multi tasking abilities
- Knowledge of federal and local labor laws and best practices
- Understanding of the start-up/innovation/technology landscape


- Advanced Marketing & analytics
- Audio/visual production experience
- Statistical analysis ('cause it's fun at parties)


- Working with a vibrant startup that is growing quickly and expanding to many new markets (like here!)
- Work with an amazing in-house team while becoming part of a community of thousands of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs
- Alley member benefits include discounts on rental cars, hotels, gym memberships and more
- Health Insurance
- Paid Vacation



Business Development


New York, New York, USA