Virtual Internships bring together companies and young talent at the right time, without the physical constraints of being in the same place.

FOR STUDENTS, they offer an excellent stepping stone to build up experience, professional skills and cross-cultural understanding with more flexibility and lower barriers for access.

FOR COMPANIES, they offer a way to diversify their team, reduce attrition and forge relationships with ambitious, young talent.


Online Opportunities

3 to 7 weeks with a workload between 20-30 hours/week, increasing accessibility to international experiences  

Work that Matters

Predefined project plan with clear objectives in the fields of marketing, business engineering, computer science and IT

Professional Support

BelCham as your facilitator, matching, preparing and guiding the virtual internship process

Future of Work

Development of new professional skills, remote work practices and cross-cultural competences within a diverse team


  • Matching: BelCham will match projects with students/young professionals. Companies will be sent top 3 candidates. Selected participants will receive up to 3 interviews.
  • Preparation: BelCham will provide interns with resume and interview coaching, a pre-start orientation and resources for success in a remote environment.
  • Remote Work Resources: BelCham will provide the host company with a Handbook including best practices for managing a remote team.
  • Assigned Mentor: BelCham will connect the intern with a mentor for any questions that might arise during the internship.
  • Peer Connections: BelCham will host regular, virtual events for interns to connect with peers.
  • Program Review: BelCham will assist in the creation and evaluation of intern project plans.



Enhance the global mobility of your team, without leaving the office

Connect with the right talent for your project(s) by tapping into the strengths of top students and recent graduates

Extra help to complete organizational projects so that you can stay on track and get ahead in your business goals

Enjoy limited interruptions and simpler scheduling

Be prepared with an internship guidebook including remote work resources and best practices




Amp up your career prospects by working on a fully outlined internship project plan

Gain valuable experience in remote work skills, effective communication & dispersed teams

Support in finding the right opportunity with an American-based company

Resume and interview coaching, telework basics, pre-start orientation, internship guidebook and assigned mentor

Dedicated supervisor at your host company who has responsibilities in the same area of work



  • You are a student currently enrolled in a Master’s program or a recent graduate in one of the following fields: Economics & Business, Marketing & Communication, Engineering, Computer Science & IT, Creative & Design
  • You have good knowledge of the English language
  • You are a self-starter and thrive working autonomously
  • You are able to make a weekly commitment of approx. 20 hours 
  • You are an international organization with a strong team
  • You have a project-based assignment of 3-7 weeks (~20 hours/week) with clearly defined goals in mind
  • You’re able to assign a dedicated supervisor for the intern
  • You can provide remote access to all required systems and information
  • You are willing to expand on your company’s outlook and objectives



BelCham currently accept projects starting from June 1st onwards and will review on a rolling basis.

Acceptance Fee – $75

The acceptance fee confirms selection for the program and kickstarts BelCham’s search for a host company. As part of this fee, internship seekers will receive feedback on their resume, interview coaching, a pre-start orientation, an internship guidebook and an assigned BelCham mentor. 

This fee also includes a young professional BelCham membership, allowing access to our Transatlantic community,  Facebook group of alumni and young professional virtual events. 

Placement Fee – $275

The placement fee is covered by the host company and is due when the internship is confirmed. The fee includes an internship guidebook with remote work resources and best practices for intern engagement.

This fee is non-applicable for BelCham members for summer 2020 internships.


Does BelCham also offer in-person internships?

BelCham is officially authorized by the U.S. Department of State to act as a sponsor for the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program, allowing students & recent graduates to participate in internships up to 12 months, and experienced candidates in traineeships of up to 18 months in the US. More info here.

The J1 visa program is currently on hold due tot the travel ban. We hope to resume activities soon! In the meantime, we suggest you start with a virtual internship – consider it a stepping stone towards more future opportunities!