Reasons for Hosting a Virtual Intern

As work from home becomes the new normal and Travel/obtaining visas more difficult (for the time being), companies are looking to engage their international workforces online- including interns!

In response to this, we launched Virtual Internships [powered by BelCham] – a solution focused approach to support the workforce of the future. This program brings together companies and young talent at the right time, without the physical constraints of being in the same place.

BelCham seeks to create mutually rewarding benefits. FOR STUDENTS, they offer an excellent stepping stone to build up (international) experience, professional skills and cross-cultural understanding with more flexibility and lower barriers for access. FOR COMPANIES, they offer a way to diversify their team, forge relationships with ambitious, young talent and get work done!

Why should you get involved and (virtually) host a talented international profile for your internship positions & projects?

We help you connect with the right talent

Virtual Internships are an essential workaround for young professionals eager to build their careers in a time when their prospects seem limited. The same goes for companies. BelCham maintains longstanding partnerships with highly ranked Belgian universities who rely on our Career Services team to guide students in securing relevant and interesting internship positions with BelCham member companies. You’ll find that our diverse pool of quality profiles enables us to meet your needs.

Get work done!

Virtual interns take on project-based assignments (20 hours a week) for 3 to 7 weeks – as defined by you; based on your needs- so you can continue to make progress on your organizational initiatives without physical limitations. Virtual Interns also bring new ideas and fresh thinking to companies in a time where creativity and goodwill are becoming eminent values for companies negotiating this new economic landscape.

Build in flexibility

We know that this won’t feel the same as having an intern in the office, so we have reimagined how a virtual internship can adapt to the home office. BelCham has developed resources for both the intern & the host company to foster a successful collaboration and integration into your company. Most project-based assignments don’t take the full time focus of an intern – minimizing the interruptions and challenges you might face with a traditional intern. We expect that this additional flexibility and guided program support will eliminate the barriers to entry for any company who wants to take advantage of this opportunity while providing an invaluable experience for an international intern.

More opportunities for more companies and internship seekers

BelCham is acutely aware of the harsh economic landscape wrought by the pandemic around the globe. With both travel and finances restricted, it becomes especially important to deliver accessible solutions for both company and individual. This program was developed with the current reality in mind but with the future within our sights. We aim to empower companies to provide mentorship to talented individuals while also working towards your own company goals, solving challenges, and adapting new business models. For those who have projects to tackle, resources to be mindful of, and innovation to create, BelCham is here to support your initiatives.

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