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It doesn’t matter whether the ink on your degree is still wet or if you just won the manager of the year award. BelCham has opportunities for all kinds of profiles and will go to great lengths to land you a dream job, or a perfect internship.

We love matching the right candidate to the right company and have created successful synergies dozens of times. It’s like OkCupid for careers, but without the left swipes.

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Do you feel it’s time to spread your wings and learn new things? The United States is still the ultimate destination to open your mind to new experiences, both professionally and culturally. BelCham is positioned perfectly to find you an internship, traineeship or job. Prepare for an unforgettable ride that will change your life.

For Companies

Operating on a skeleton crew is great for pirate ships. In every other situation you’ll need extra hands on deck to maintain a steady course. Once you are on board, we will help you recruit that talent.


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