Tired of pitching your revolutionary US expansion plans to people in Europe? It may be time to put your thinking to the test in the US. BelCham’s network packs a punch in terms of expertise and experience, and many members are willing to share their knowledge and donate their time to size up your business development strategies or US marketing plan of attack.

What to expect?

A business workshop is a strategic (brainstorming) session, where high-growth, transatlantic businesses seek validation or advice on their plans to enter or expand in the US market.

We assemble a panel of experts based on your company’s needs. No business workshop is ever the same. Panels feature 6 to 8 relevant industry leaders who have experience in the areas you need advice the most.

How does it work?

A deal team will provide value based on your input! In order to organize a successful session, we ask participating companies to provide us with the following:

  • 2 to 3 principal strategic questions
  • An executive summary
  • A pitch deck that you will use to give a 20-minute overview of the company

The flow of the two-hour session is as follows:

  • Presentation by your company (Your main challenge & intended goals)
  • “Around the table” introductions
  • Facilitated discussion, guided by the strategic questions
  • Final thoughts and recap of the input

Interested in a business workshop?

Participating companies have found customers, funding and other significant benefits out of these sessions – in addition to a very deep and extensive look at their business plans! What are you waiting for? Contact us at info@belcham.org if you are ready to upgrade your plans!

Apply for a workshop

To apply for a workshop, please contact info@belcham.org

Recent Workshop Participants