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If you are tired of pitching your revolutionary plans to your mother -who will support you anyway- it may be time for one of our DealTeams. BelCham’s network packs a punch in terms of expertise and experience, and many members are willing to share that knowledge and donate their time to size up your earth-shattering sales strategies or US marketing plan of attack. No DealTeam is ever the same as we assemble our teams based on your specific needs. Which makes every minute of this three hour session worth its weight in gold. But you better be ready. If your head is in the clouds, your feet will be back on the ground in no time. Yet if you truly have an ingenious idea that rocks the socks off of everyone in the room, you may walk out with your dreams fully funded and your future changed forever.


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“You need courage to do it but it is an amazing experience. If you REALLY want to know how you are doing: the deal team is your thing. It helped me to become a better entrepreneur and it certainly improved my chances for success on the US-market.”

Jo Gielen, Addemar Founder and CEO

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“BelCham’s dealteam proved of great assistance in refining our go-to-market strategy, pricing and target markets. They also helped us define our sales strategy for the US market. The different backgrounds of the persons on the team gives each of them a different angle on our business, which can sometimes reveal a surprising insight.”

Kester Goh – Managing Director, Coscale