BelCham Atelier Co-working space

You want to set up shop in the US, and you need co-working space or a place to land? BelCham discovered a huge need among its members for affordable office space and teamed up with like-minded organizations who became pioneers in supporting Belgian businesses in the US. They can now proudly call themselves the founding partners of Atelier: a co-working space where you can grow as a business, and a person, through collaboration and community support

You can find Atelier on both sides of the United States with a presence in New York and San Francisco. Both Ateliers can be found at prime real estate locations in the heart of the city.

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Atelier usage is reserved for BelCham members. Different membership levels give access to different levels at Atelier. Have a look out our membership page or ask us about the best membership level for your co-working needs.

Atelier New York

The Atelier co-working Space in New York was the first co-working space for Belgians with US ambitions. It has been running at full capacity ever since its opening in 2014. This prime real estate location offers every service needed to successfully scale your business to the US market.

Atelier New York is located on 6th avenue, one block away from Times Square, and in the heart of Manhattan’s Midtown business district.

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Atelier San Francisco

Atelier in the Bay is situated in the financial district of downtown San Francisco. The co-working space provides all the amenities of New York, including meeting rooms, event space and bar. With a park across the street, and a gym, swimming pool and tennis courts around the corner, it’s hard to imagine a better place to start conquering the West Coast markets.

The Atelier Co-working Space in San Francisco is located ideally on 620 Davis Street, right next to Embarcadero, a 5 min. walk from BART and a 3 min. walk from the famous Ferry Building at the end of Market Street.

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