About us

BelCham is proud of its 100 years, founded after the end of World War I in 1919 by Belgian and American business professionals. Over the years, we’ve acted as a bridge between both continents, bringing together a powerful community and providing guidance to entrepreneurs growing their businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, BelCham is the driving force behind international (business) growth: an on-demand partner and central access point providing resources, market knowledge, and connections that unlock transatlantic opportunities. We have one clear goal: helping you/your business grow. 

We bring together an international network of game-changers, high-growth startups, and trusted partners who share our belief in the power of entrepreneurship, the strength of an inclusive community and the potential of cross-border innovation. 

Belcham in numbers


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Atelier companies



Valerie Van den Keybus
Co-Managing Director
Jeanette Johnson
Director of Career Services and Operations
Anton Wouters
Business Development & Project Management Associate


Marianne Amssoms
President BelCham Board
Michel Akkermans
Chairman & CEO, PAMICA NV
Jan Bellens
Global Banking & Capital Markets Sector Leader at EY - New York
Annastasiah Mhaka
Founder, Mawambo & Co-Founder, AAIH
Nathaniel Lucek
Secretary General
Aline Muylaert
Co-Founder, CitizenLab
Charles-Andre Brouwers
Senior Partner and Managing Director, Healthcare Practice at BCG
Jan Barbe
Managing Director, KBC - USA
Roel Peeters
Founder & CEO, Roost
Doug Gross
Tom Vanham

BelCham Ambassadors

Julie Cassano
Owner, DLE - Northville, MI
Gerrit Dispersyn
President & CEO, Phio Pharma - Pennington, NJ
Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke
Managing Partner Americas, The Insiders - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tim Meulemeester
MIT Sloan Fellow - Boston, MA
Simon Mahieu
Solution Manager, Vymo - Dallas, TX
Gilles Vanpoucke
VP Business Development North America, Umbrosa NV - CA
Kristof Audenaert
Senior Account Executive, Goolge - NYC, NY
Raoul Dexters
General Manager, Vandemoortele - Kansas City, MO
Nicolas De Deken
President, EnergyAir - Los Angeles, CA
Leentje De Leeuw
Travel & Communications Consultant - Chicago, IL
Khadija Rejdy
Founder and People & Culture Expert, UPOP - Belgium
Florent Diverchy
Data Marketing Ethics Expert, Black Tiger - Belgium
Bjorn Poelman
Global director of People Operations, ShowPad - Chicago, IL
Yves Ghys
Head Americas, Pozyx - Greenville SC